About Us

We articulate your story through the language of space; space that exudes artistry and beauty even as its geometry evokes innovation and function. Our design philosophy breaks the rules, writes new ones and laughs in the face of convention.

iDesign Space creates spaces that radiate from the senses; spaces inspired by your vision, your memory, your most intimate thoughts. With a flair for organic, our design emerges as the ultimate mirror of who you are.

We are fresh, bold, vivacious. We think outside the box, yet we're deeply in tune with our clients' visions.


iDesign Space’s philosophy is driven by the uniqueness of each space. The space guides our creativity, meshed with our detailed understanding of our clients’ needs, wants and desires. Our spaces are distinguished by thoughtful form and function; delivering a cohesive revelation that reflects the duality of our design skill and our clients’ visions.

The iDesign Space Experience

It all begins with an idea or a thought, a memory. It comes from your experiences. Your travels. Images that stay with you and that you can envision surrounding you.

Our initial mission is to learn about you – what you love, what inspires you, what makes you happy. As we dig deep into your imagination, we pull out the colours and textures, the shapes and design language that will eventually fulfill your inner vision. We take this revelation and translate it into fabulous spaces that reflect your deepest wants and wishes.